Saypha Filler 1 x 1ml


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With the outstanding outcomes shown by the filler, Saypha Filler, a new version of Princess Filler is out in the market to let people have the best they want.

All the hyaluronic acid-based products bring improvement in the manufacturing of the fillers. Saypha Filler is one of the most looked up to product by the beauticians and practitioners which has been solving the wrinkle and fold issues. You will find high-quality synthesized biodegradable hyaluronic acid which is an active agent in the preparation of the market-leading product.

The experience gained through the product let people keep on reviewing it as one of the most recommended product in the market.

With lots of testing done by the trained professionals makes Saypha Filler one of the compatible product.  These testing are done using Hyaluron Pen which is quite invasive with needleless results to get the satisfaction for the valued patients.

Treatment concerning areas on the face –

Getting rid of all the wrinkles and creases caused due to tear troughs are among many issues which are treated through Saypha Filler. It can be used all over the face to let people enjoy their youth for a longer duration.

Whether you are facing medium or deep wrinkles, in need of correction of the shape of lips, getting a filling for nasolabial, smooth wrinkles near eyes, remove creases on the neck and even give volume in the areas of cheekbones and chin, are all treated with care and concern through the product.

The product corrects the wrinkles formed at or near:

  • Forehead Furrow
  • Marionette Lines
  • Glabellar Lines
  • Perioral Lines
  • Nasolabial Folds

The product is also one of its kinds when you are looking out for reshaping and getting the perfect lips. The transformation will let you have the ideal pout to mesmerize people with the help of Saypha Filler. If you want to create volume with sexy sensual lips or shape the contours of the lips then there is no need to think twice. There is magic in the product to let you have the impression which brings a difference in the personality.

Advantages & Qualities –

Main advantages of the product include being safe and compatible with cellular tissue giving relief to the complex restoration of the skin with relief. People with young skin up to 30 can also get the benefit of Saypha Filler which is not available in any filler stocked in the market.

You can have the smooth skin with 100% results to enjoy for the sufficiently high time from 6 to 12 months, which let people opt for the product again and again.

Package contains one pre-filled syringe of 1ml. The product is injected in the mid to deep dermis with the help of pre-filled syringe attached with 27G needle. Store the Saypha Filler between 2C and 25C along with keeping it away from the sunlight and not even freezing it at any point of time.

Gets professional and medical advice from the practitioner on the perfect way of getting treatment using Saypha Filler.



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