Revofil Fine (1x1ml)


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Revofil Fine is a specially designed soft filler which is intended to correct superficial wrinkles and fine lines as well as treating caved scars to maximize your skin beauty.

It is formulated with bio-metric peptides that increases the aesthetic effect that can be achieved by the product. Revofil range gives more long lasting and natural results compare to any other HA based filler.

Revofil Fine effects can last up to 10 months on average after which another treatment will be required with the filler. The impact and duration of the filler is more dependent on the type of the patient’s skin.

The gel of the filler should be injected into the superficial dermis only to target specific areas such as fine lines, temporal region, cheeks, lips and troughs.

Take a look at before and after results of Revofil FineĀ at this page.


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