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HYAcorp Body Contouring MLF2 contains a high level of purity, which implanted into the skin. It is produced with the high level of Hyaluronic acid and is a single device which is used only one time.

HYAcorp Body Contouring MLF2 treated into the skin to enhance the volume and to contour the body.

Furthermore, it is used to treat the lost volume and also helps to contour the body surfaces. The depth of the injection varies from person to person, depending on the treatment area.

More about HYAcorp Body Contouring

HyaCorp MLF2 is used in different skin depths according to the treatment area of the clients. The duration of the treatment lasts approximately seven to nine months, which usually depends on the age of the clients, the lifestyle they are living, what technique they have selected, and what area they have selected for the treatment.

The client, going for the treatment, should keep this in mind that smoking can affect the time duration of the procedure.

It contains a viscous gel of Hyaluronic acid, and it absorbs quickly into the skin with a high level of purity. It is body filler used that treats the body areas to enhance the volume of the body. It is specially designed for clients who want to shape their body areas like buttocks, calves, etc.

Benefits of using HYAcorp Body Contouring MLF2

Following are the benefits of using this filler

  • It helps to enhance the volume of the body
  • It helps to contour the body surfaces
  • It treats buttocks and calves.

Avoid using this filler if

  • You are a pregnant women
  • You have some serious immune system disease
  • You are fighting for any skin problem
  • If you have chronic allergic problem
  • Hyaluronic allergy
  • Blood pressure issue
  • Sensitivity to amide anesthetics

Is the Hyacorp Body Contouring Treatment Painful?

Whenever you put something into the skin, it hurts a little bit, and injection this filler might cut you a bit, but it also depends on the person, such as some people can control their pain, and some people cannot even take a little pain on them. But mostly, it is painless; according to the reviews, it is not painful at all. Though during treatment, it will hurt, the level of pain will decrease after 5 to 10 minutes.

Side Effects of Using HYAcorp Body Contouring MLF2

You might go through some side effects after the treatment; following are the side effects that will occur after the procedure, but it will diminish soon.

  • You might feel itchiness on your skin
  • Bruises might appear
  • Can come across some discomfort
  • Swelling can occur in the treated area
  • You feel some burning

But the discussion thing is it will not going to last more than five minutes, and you will feel better after some times. Sometimes side effects may last longer than a day or two; In such cases, patients should consult their doctor as soon as possible to know the reason behind the side effect.

How Long it Last?

The results started to appear immediate right after the treatment and the result of the treatment lasts from six to nine months. It can last longer than a year also but in very rare cases.


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