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Absorbable PDO sutures for PDO thread lifting

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PDO threads are a non-surgical way of treating doing different type of thread lifting. Such non-surgical thread lifts are more affordable and convenient for patients to plump sagged areas of skin as well as increasing the volume of the treated area.

In the aesthetic world needles and cannulas are used for injecting dermal fillers as well as botox gel inside the patient’s skin.

There are several other uses of needles and a recent supplement for them has been the blunt cannulas which allow surgeons and dermatologists to inject the medicine inside the patient’s body without huge discomfort for the patient.

There are several kinds of needles with different sizes which are used for various skin treatment procedures.

You can take a look of our needle sizes and type here.

Needles are also used for non-surgical PDO thread lifting. We provide high quality PDO threads from PremiumLift who are our official supplier for kind of needles and cannulas.

One of the most demanded PDO thread lift needle is the 18 Gauge needles which is used by dermatologists and aesthetic professionals worldwide for several procedures.

However, there are several other kinds of 18 Gauge needles which are used for other uses including:

  • 18 gauge luer lock needle
  • 18 gauge syringe needles
  • 18 Gauge Hypodermic Needles

And more, however for PDO thread lifting only the 18 Gauge PDO thread needle can be used.

We have several different types of specialized threads available for procedures and results that you are trying to achieve.

PremiumLift PDO threads are used by different medical professionals globally to help their patients to fight the common aging signs.

By using this popular and growing lifting technique called “PDO thread lifting” one can bring a new life to the patient’s face.

PDO thread lifting is specially recommended to patients who suffer from these problems:

  • Infamous sagging jowls
  • Deep Wrinkles
  • Hooded eyes

The procedure only requires a very short period of time, usually an hour with very limited pain and side effects. However the results can be seen instantly.

What is PDO thread lifting and how it’s conducted

Thread lifting is a non-surgical treatment designed to lift the patient’s skin in non-surgical means as well as rejuvenating the facial areas.

During the treatment specialized PDO sutures are inserted into the patient’s skin by using a very fine needle into different areas of the face depending on the targeted area defined by the patient.

The threads lift the sagged tissues and muscles while improving the skin textures and appearance at the same time.

During the treatment the practitioner inserts the needle inside the patient’s body and then pulls it out.

The PDO thread remains under the skin during this procedure.

After inserting the pdo thread to your skin, your skin starts reacting gently. The PDO thread inserted in your skin is fully absorbable. However, your body will need 4 to 6 months to completely absorb the PDO suture inserted underneath your skin.

During this time frame your skin will repair itself around the treated area.

Popular uses of PDO threads

  • Face & Body Skin Reinforcement and Lifting
  • Face Shape Strengthening and Correction
  • Eyebrow Lifting
  • Nasolabial Triangle Structure Improvement
  • Collagen Stimulation
  • Lip & Body Contouring
  • Scaffolding
  • Tightening
  • Double Chin Correction

PDO thread lift side effects and complications

Normally all medical treatments have some sort of side effects at some extent.

Same lies with PDO thread lifting – the most common side effect is some level of temporary bruising at the treated area.

However in some rare cases the bruising can be more intense than normal and must be reported to the doctor.

The main factor that can cause the different bruising issues is the skin situation of the patient.

If the patient has any kind of allergy or is on medication, then he must report it to the doctor before the treatment.

Although the side effects are very rare and minimal the patient must consult with his/her doctor before any sort of treatment.

PDO thread lift before and after

Let’s take a look of PDO thread lift before and after effects on different parts of the patients’ body:

pdo threads - before and after

Areas which can be treated by PDO thread lifting

PDO thread lifting procedure can be applied to any part of your skin including, areas surrounding eyes, neck wrinkles, glabellar area, eyebrow lifting, area around mouth, eye wrinkles(also known as PDO thread lift eye bags), circular facelift etc.

Facial Resize Reduction:

Facial Resize Reduction

Circular Facelift:

Circular Facelift

Cheek Bone Lowering:

Cheek Bone Lowering

Cheeks Enlargement:

Cheeks Enlargement

Glabellar Area Eyebrow Lifting

Glabellar Area Eyebrow Lifting

Neck Wrinkles:

Neck Wrinkles

Area Around the mouth:

Area Around the mouth

Eye wrinkles, Nasal dorsum base lifting:

Eye wrinkles, Nasal dorsum base lifting

Here are few images of the facial and neck areas which can be treated by PDO thread lifts.

How long does a thread lift last?

Thread lifting procedures can be used to achieve multiple results, but the most common procedures performed today are to enhance and improve the appearance of sagging cheeks, neck, jowls and droopy eyebrows.

Your practitioner can also personalize your treatment to meet your exact requirements.

The great thing about PDO thread lifts is that the results are instant and provide a quick recovery together with excellent results.

Although such procedures can be applied on both men and women of any age, they are commonly suited for the ages of 40-70.

The results can last up to 6-30 months with an average of 21 months. However it completely depends on the physical status of the patient as well as atmospheric environment in which he lives in.


Recovery Period

Recovery time after the procedure is typically less than one week. However it is recommended that the patient avoids any strenuous exercise for 2 – 3 weeks.

Costs for each procedure

PDO thread lift price can vary depending on the practitioner who’s conducting the treatment, the type of procedure and the amount of threads used as well as the products used during the procedure.

However, thread lifts are much more convenient and affordable than the regular surgical face lift procedures and the results are even more long lasting.

Barbed PDO threads

Due to the increasing demand of PDO thread lifts all over the world. PremiumLift has designed a special thread for a new technique that gives more dramatic and immediate result.

These new threads have “barbs” and “cogs”, which provide a solid grip underneath the skin of the patient.

Sutures are inserted the same way but they can be pulled out fom 1 or 2 directions, allowing an instant skin repositioning.

After which the skin will build new collagen which will secure the lift.

Such threads have some special features including:

  • Strong Lifting Effect
  • Minimize Downtime
  • Easy to Insert
  • Premium Flexible Cannula
  • Less Damage to Tissue than Needle Type

Our PDO threads can be considered as a good substitute of the Novathreads PDO sutures.