WIQO REVERSE SERUM 20ML (1 Bottle x 20ml)


WiQo Reverse Serum 20ml is a brightening serum for at-home use, manufactured by WiQomed. The Serum is created to lighten and prevent melasma and other pigmentations of the skin. The smooth texture of the serum and the eyedropper makes it easy to apply the product precisely to the pigmented spot. The products can also be used in combination with the WiQo peels or after other procedures such as laser therapy.

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The pack consists of:

1 bottle x 20ml
Key ingredients:

Ferulic acid
α-lipoic acid
Tranexamic acid
Aminomethylphosphonic acid
Benefits of WiQo Reverse Serum:

Reduces pigmentation of the skin
Lightening effects
Areas: Face
How to use the product

Apply WiQo Reverse Serum 20ml every morning, by gently massaging the serum into the skin. Once the serum is absorbed, it is important to apply sunscreen. Topical use only.

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