WIQO LIGHTENING SERUM 20ML (1 Bottle x 20ml)


The WiQo Lightening Serum for delicate areas is a homecare treatment used to lighten discolored skin and reduce excessive skin pigmentation of external delicate areas. The product contains an innovative formulation with a high concentration of active ingredients like Ferulic acid, Lipoic acid and Tranexamic acid and is ideal to use after professional treatments like PRX-T Lady or to use alone. WiQo Lightening Serum is especially indicated to have a lightening effect on external delicate areas, perianal area, mammary areola and armpits. The serum comes with a dropper dispenser making it a revolutionary no-needle treatment for intimate parts.

WiQo Lightening Serum is also a part of the PRX-T Lady 2ml (2-8°) w. Cream & Serum package, but is now available as a single product.

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The pack consists of:

1 bottle x 20ml
Key ingredients:

Ferulic acid
Lipoic acid
Aminoethylphosphinic acid
Tranexamic acid
Benefits of WiQo Lightening Serum:

Lightens hyperpigmented skin
Ideal after an aesthetic treatment like PRX-T Lady
Areas: external delicate areas like perianal area, mammary areola and armpits
How to use the product

Apply twice a day on the delicate areas until the desired result is reached, then apply once daily to maintain the effect. Please note, WiQo Lightening Serum product should not be used on damaged skin. Topical use only.

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