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UP – HA body filler

UP – HA body filler

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UP – HA Body Filler by Lovecosmedical is a hyaluronic acid body (modified 1%; non-animal origin) filler which gives you instant body shaping with long-lasting results. The UP – HA Body Filler, comes up with a crystal clear gel-like substance enclosed in a syringe is injected into the body. The filler specifically made to restore the lost volume in your body. Providing the perfect curves by injecting at the major areas of the body such as breasts, buttocks, calves, back, thighs, inner knees, etc. The filler also makes sure that the two-tone skin on your body is evenly distributed, removing all the discrepancies on your body caused by liposuction. The UP – HA Body Filler gives longer period of lasting duration on your body is however an aesthetic treatment which takes shorter time and usually removes scarring from the body. COMPOSITION Each bottle of semen contains 20mg/ml contains synthesized hyaluronic acid. PACKAGING The package comes with 1 vial / 50ml The Results of UP – HA Body Filler Simply by getting a single treatment of UP – HA Body Filler, the effects can remain visible up to 24 months. However, depending on the condition of the body, the lasting duration of UP – HA Body Filler may vary and sometimes are shown to have a longer time than 2 years, in some patients. UP – HA Body Filler Safety The UP – HA Body Filler is made with the active ingredient already present inside human skin. One of the active ingredients is hyaluronic acid which is responsible for retaining hydration inside human skin. Therefore, the hyaluronic acid used in this filler performs a similar function. However, the acid is synthesized from the naturally occurring means (specifically non-animal based). UP – HA Body Filler Side Effects The hyaluronic acid body filler – UP is specially made in combination with the naturally occurring chemicals already a part of your skin. Therefore, the filler does not have any long term or harm causing side-effects. Although, there are a few usual and temporary effects seen after the aesthetic treatment, which are as follows:
  • Bruising
  • Redness
  • Slight pain
  • Numbing
  • Swelling
  • Tenderness
However, antibiotics are recommended by the doctors to avoid pain and other side-effects. Before taking the treatment, patient history is checked and see if the patient is suffering from any allergies or conditions like pregnancy, breast-feeding, hemophilia, etc. then the treatment is usually not recommended by the doctor. Having the treatment in such cases can cause severe harm and is not the responsibility of the company.

UP – HA Body Filler Treatment

The UP – HA Body Filler is an aesthetic treatment that is an instant treatment and will not take more than 30-45 minutes. In the severe conditions, if the skin is severely unevenly- toned and have lost enough volume, then the treatment may last up to an hour. The syringes cause small punctures of 2-3 mm (causing little or no pain) into the breast and buttocks, using the large gauge sterilized spinal needle. Moreover, an antibiotic course of three to seven days is recommended to take to minimize the short term side-effects in the body.
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