TEOXANE RHA TOPICAL SKIN BOOSTER 4ML (4 Bottles x 4 ml per pack)


Teoxane RHA Topical Skin Booster is non-invasive solution designed to instantly enhance the results of an aesthetic procedure and reduce the skin’s water loss after a treatment. The booster contains 12,5% RHA (Resilient hyaluronic acid), Booster Dermo-restructuring complex and Methylglucoside Phosphate, which is a unique composition that helps to maintain and protect skin hydration. Furthermore, the booster improves the skin recovery process and rapidly enhancing the skin quality, while maintaining the outcome of the aesthetic procedure. In addition, the booster forms a filmogen mesh that restores and repair the skin barrier to protect against external factors.

Teoxane RHA Topical Skin Booster is ideal to use after any aesthetic treatment like peels, laser treatments or micro needling, and allows the skin to instantly regain comfort, firmness and elasticity.

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The pack consists of:

4 x 4ml
4 x pipettes

The composition of the product:

12,5% RHA
Free Hyaluronic Acid
Boosted Dermal-Restructuring Complex
Methylglucoside Phosphate

Benefits of Teoxane RHA topical skin booster

Enhance aesthetic treatments
Restores and repair the skin barrier
Hydration for sensitive and weakened skin
Areas: face, neck, décolleté and hands

How to use the product

Apply one bottle of Teoxane RHA Topical Skin Booster to the affected area after the procedure with the pipette and massage the Skin Booster gently into the skin. This skin booster is recommended to complement professional procedures like peels, laser treatments, micro needling, and other aesthetic treatments.

This is a single use product for topical use only.


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