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Teosyal Ultra Deep 2 X 1,2 ml

Teosyal Ultra Deep 2 X 1,2 ml

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Teosyal Ultra Deep 2x1 1,2 ml – Product Decription

Teosyal Ultra Deep 2 x 1 1,2 ml that is formulated with the special formula of the Cross-linked Chained Hyaluronic Acid in combination with the Lidociane. The main reason to use the hyaluronic acid is to make it possible for skin to get back the lost moisture into the skin. As the hyaluronic acid makes it possible for skin to get back the glow, which your skin has been missing and as a result of which causing wrinkles and deep facial lines on it. With the help of its viscoelastic properties, the hyaluronic acid minimizes the wrinkles and make your skin younger looking and fresh for a specific period of time, until the results started fading. In that case, you will have to take the sessions again. The product Teosyal Ultra Deep 2 x 1 1,2 ml also makes it possible for the skin to uplift skin volume.

Teosyal Ultra Deep 2 x 1 1,2 ml – Product Properties

After a prolonged scientific and dermatological research, the cross-linked hyaluronic acid is sourced from pyrogen-free, non-animal based and naturally occurring origin. The high viscosity of the products makes it possible for the gentle remodelling of the face.

Teosyal Ultra Deep 2 x 1 1,2 ml – Composition

Hyaluronic acid; 25 mg/g Phosphate buffer with pH 7.3 (as per skin’s pH) Needle Syringes 27G ½

Teosyal Ultra Deep 2 x 1 1,2 ml – Targeted Areas

The Teosyal Ultra Deep 2 x 1 1,2 ml products are used for the application on face and neck area

Teosyal Ultra Deep 2 x 1 1,2 ml – Application Protocol

This aesthetic treatment is done under the supervision of an expert professional with the certified training from an authorizedsource. The product can be used to cheeks bones, chin, remove marks, auto-toning, imperfections, fades scars, etc. thus, it isconsidered as a really effective treatment.

Teosyal Ultra Deep 2 x 1 1,2 ml – Duration

Depending on the skin condition, the results of the products Teosyal Ultra Deep 2 x 1 1,2 ml can last up to 9-12 months. The treatment maylast more than a year if the person takes good care of the skin, avoids sunlight exposure, external polluted areas, cleans the skin on daily basis, drinks good amount of water and have a healthy diet. These conditions can have a great impact on the lasting duration of the skin.

Teosyal Ultra Deep 2 x 1 1,2 ml – Precautions

The products cause no as such harm to the skin. However, the products can be used as you take a few precautions.
  • Hypersensitivity or breastfeeding people are prohibited to use the treatment
  • Lactation women are not allowed to apply it any cost
  • People with allergies should not use the fillers
  • Minors or autoimmune diseases are also not allowed
Especially people with skin allergies and infectious diseases are not allowed to have the treatments. In any severe case, the patient should see the doctor. However, the company is not responsible for any harm if the person who took the treatment may be going through any of above severe conditions.
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