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Teosyal Meso 2 x 1 ml

Teosyal Meso 2 x 1 ml

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Looks with the perfect and flawless skin is something which is a craving for every beauty lovers. For this purpose, every day, we hear about innovation taking place to keep the effects of aging at bay. This is something which is also witnessed through TeosyalMeso, a product that solely aims at hydrating the skin and restoring it in its youthful form. The product contains several monophasic hyaluronic acids, which is the purely non-animal origin. This is the reason it leads to bio-compatibility along with immediate and long-lasting results. TeosyalMeso is available in the form of a viscoelastic gel. It is of non-cross-liked hyaluronic acid sterile, colorless, and even non-pyrogenic. Taking care of the wrinkles, fine line, and folds appearing on the face or neck is something that has been witnessed through injecting the gel. This gives better skin, which is rehydrated, leading to beautiful effects through youthful skin, no matter what your age is. The best quality of the product is that it is easily absorbable.

Structure of the product –

TeosyalMeso is unique dermal filler containing gel densities along with all the much-needed properties which your skin needs. The product helps in treating different facial areas and prevents wrinkles from appearing on the surface. Aging is an old issue as there won’t be anyone who would agree to age with all the signs appearing on the skin, making it look dull. TeosyalMeso helps in remodeling the contours of the face and makes it seem all revitalized. The product is the best solution for people who look out for beauty. With all the benefits, it is advised to keep in mind that you don’t have hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid, allergies, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, as there are chances to face some irritations or reactions.

Application Process and duration –

Appearing for the revitalizing sessions, make sure that your skin gets hydrated dermis and prevent the signs of aging. To get better results, it is advised to sit for the courses, which can be up to two or three in three weeks apart, leading to a total period of three months depending on the condition of your skin. This is something for providing the perfect result of the product and lets you have the satisfaction. It is wise enough to consult a practitioner who can provide you with the right guidelines and technical medical procedures. The duration of the process to keep showing depends on the condition or type of skin. On average, the best effects of the products keep showing for nine to twelve months, while it can also extend to eighteen months if proper care provided.

Areas targeted for treatment –

The gel form product is the effective and best weapon, which provides solutions to the symptoms of facial wrinkles appearing to make you look dull. It is injected into the superficial dermis to rehydrate the skin.
  • Face
  • Neck
  • Decolletage and
  • Hand

Side Effects –

Swelling, redness, discomfort at the implant site are few side effects reported by a few patients, while many didn’t face any side effects. These irritations stay for a few days and get resolved soon. If any reaction appears, it is a must to consult your practitioner.

Composition –

2 x 1 ml syringe prefilled Tampon phosphate pH 7, 3qsp 1 ml Non cross-link hyaluronic acid 15 mg
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