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Teosyal Deep Lines 2 x 1 ml

Teosyal Deep Lines 2 x 1 ml

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Teosyal Deep Lines 2x1 ml – Product Description

Teosyal Deep Lines 2 x 1 ml, manufactured at well-known Teoxane Laboratories, is an aesthetic treatment. since the hyaluronic acid synthesize for this treatment is completely metabolized, the treatment starts manifesting is results.The man ingredient of the products is hyaluronic acid which is mainly used for the hydration and retention of moisture into the skin.Whereas, the viscoelastic gel that is mainly composed of Lidociane is used for the reduction of pain receptors during and after the treatment.

Teosyal Deep Lines 2 x 1 ml – Format

2 Syringes that come in the 1 ml volume

Teosyal Deep Lines 2 x 1 ml – Composition

The Teosyal Deep Lines 2 x 1 ml products is made with the special combination of cross-linked hyaluronic acid which is present in 25 mg/ml. While the other main ingredient is Lidocaine (0.3%)

Teosyal Deep Lines 2 x 1 ml – Indications

The Teosyal Deep Lines 2 x 1 ml is used for the treatment of nasolabial folds or other deep dermis wrinkles on to the skin. However, the major places to inject the products for better results could be:
  • Nasal furrows
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Crow’s feet
  • Forehead creeks
  • Rehydration and revitalization
  • Lip augmentation
  • Cheeks

Teosyal Deep Lines 2 x 1 ml – Treatment Duration

Teosyal Deep Lines 2 x 1 ml treatment can last for a longer period of time depending on your skin concern and condition. The product can last up to 12 months, however, in a few cases where the patients took good care of the skin, the treatment is meant to last for a longer time. The cross-linked formula makes the hydration retain for a longer period of time.

Teosyal Deep Lines 2 x 1 ml–Precautions

The treatment of Teosyal Deep Lines 2 x 1 ml can be localized for everyone not matter what age or gender it is. The Teosyal Deep Lines 2 x 1 ml cannot be used for the people who are younger than age 20. Therefore, the products do have not as such precautionary measures except a few which are as follows:
  • Prohibited for pregnant or lactation women
  • People with any kid of sever allergies cannot use it
  • Cause hypersensitivity so if people are prone to such affects shall not use it
  • People with any kind of disorder such as autoimmune disorder shall not use it
  • It can cause antibiotic therapy so shall not be used who are sensitive to such conditions

Teosyal Deep Lines 2 x 1 ml – Side Effects

The treatment does not have any permanent or long term effects on the skin. However, the product application may get you several short-term side effects. The product gives redness on to the skin, bruising, skin becomes tender, there is a slight pain and swelling on the face.
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