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Stylage Special Lips Lidocaine 1x 1,0 ml

Stylage Special Lips Lidocaine 1x 1,0 ml

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Stylage Special Lips Lidocaine has been designed to increase the lips volume and fulling their volume. It also replaces the lost lip structure that a normal human body loses due to aging. Stylage Special lips lidocaine is also very beneficial for correcting disproportionate lower or upper lips' size. Reducing perioral lines that normally appear on smokers lips. Restoring lip hydration is another task pf Stylage Special Lips Lidocaine. Stylage Special Lips is specifically used for the uplifting the lip volume augmentation, lip contour definition and correction, correction of a disproportionate for the upper and the lower lips size and area around the mouth. It is also used for reducing perioral lines or the lines that are called the smoker’s lines above the upper lip area. For the aging signs, the lip correction and enhancement is done on point with the help of the Stylage special lips lidocaine. Even and filled lips and a smooth lip area on the face are a feature of young appeal and look very attractive that gives an overall look for a youthful face. Lips reach their fullness around our early twenties. As we become older and age increases, the natural skin properties that give our skin the total structure and the proper volume, such as the collagen substance and the hyaluronic acid decrease. This as well as the environmental factors such as getting exposed to the sun, damage through the sun rays, smoking and things like that which are bad for the elasticity of our skin. The corners of our mouth have got sensitive skin which starts to sag and gets wrinkles over the period of time. The shape of the upper lip, which is known as the Cupid’s bow, gets flatten more than other areas of the face and that’s the reason that our lips tend to lose the youthful appearance and volume. The size and fullness of lips seem to feel smaller and flat.

Stylage Special Lips Lidocaine Results:

Stylage Special Lips has been specially made and obtained from the substances that design the enhancing of lips and make them fuller. It creates the plumpness and fullness and along with that, restores and replaces the lost lip formation that occurs because of aging. Restores the youthfulness of lips and makes it look plumper. During the procedure, the specific area of the skin where the injection is about to be applied is made numb for a while so that no irritation occurs on the skin and touchiness can also be avoided. This makes the procedure comfortable for the user and it gets easier to get necessary sittings done in the future if they are required over the period of time. Stylage Special Lips is also available with the local numbing or anaesthetic substance, which is known as Lidocaine and it makes the procedure of the application comfort because of the numbness properties found in the product itself. However, it is always recommended that the person using this application must always consult their physician before getting the whole procedure done. The results of getting these boosters and fillers are noticeable and obvious just after the application is used, directly and at once. Lines get smooth and become less and the general touch of the skin starts to feel young and smoother. The look of the lips becomes lively and an increase of fresher as well as younger looking skin can be noticed around the lips, as the result of using this product.    
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