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STYLAGE L 2 x 1,0 ml

STYLAGE L 2 x 1,0 ml

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Stylage L Lidocaine is a filler, able to be injected to treat the deep and extremely deep wrinkles. It is also injected to get the treatments done on the cheeks, contouring of the face and cheekbones enhancement. The process is applied by injecting the deep dermal injections, I the required areas of the face. Stylage L Lidocaine is also used for the treatment of restoring the youthful textures back into the hands by applying the application at the back of the hands. In the product itself, is used the cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel, which is not treated on the animals and is totally cruelty-free. It also comprises of the anti-oxidant known as mannitol which is also sterilized.  Physiological PH balances and osmolarity are also present in the product. This dermal filler also contains the specific amount of 0.3% of Lidocaine Hydrochloride and Mannitol for the intradermal injection application. Packaging: The product is packed in a 1 ml pre-filled syringe which is properly sterilized and kept safe from the moisture and heat autoclaving. Stylage L Lidocaine is a product for single use and each of its boxes has got 1 ml pre-filled syringe of the fillers. There are four sterile single used needles present, a proper instruction guideline and labels with the number of batches and sittings in which the product will be used. Recommendations: Stylage L Lidocaine is ideally recommended to be given by the superficial to medium dermal dose. Depending on the corrections to be made in the desired areas. It is injected into the lips around the areas of wrinkles or visible and the important imperfections to be treated. The product will produce and provide volume in the injection area of the skin. Which means, it makes it very noticeable after the very first use. Stylage L Lidocaine then gets absorbed slowly and gradually into the applied specific area of the skin. Duration: The Duration of the product totally depends on the patient’s skin condition and the amount of that is required according to the condition of each skin. The treated areas on the skin and depth of each injection vary accordingly. Usually, one or two injections are used for the ideal treatments on the defected areas on the face. Regular touch up sessions are also sometimes required to make sure that the enhancing and lasting effects of the product remain the same and the desired look and feel of the skin can be attained by the customers. Results: The results are visible and can be clearly seen at once, right after getting the first application done. The first treatment got done lasts for the period of twelve months and it can even go longer than that if proper care is taken and instructions are followed. However, the treatment after effects and the duration of results also depend upon the condition of the skin which requires the treatment. Every individual’s requirement of treatment varies from one another and also according to their regimes, oldness, and kind of skin.
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