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Stylage Hydro Max 1ml

Stylage Hydro Max 1ml

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Stylage Hydro Max 1ml manufactured by Vivacyis a dermal filler that offers the correction of wrinkles and fine lines on the skin, making the skin regain its firmness and improve elasticity. However, it is made to revitalize the different areas of your skin including facial lines, necklines, contour lines, etc. Stylage Hydro Max 1ml and HydroMax is specifically made to harmonize the skin and add hydration to it. the elevated levels of moisture may cause the skin to get free from wrinkles and fine lines. The water retention also helps the skin to increase its flexibility, also boosting radiance. COMPOSITION The following ingredients play a major role in the formulation of Stylage Hydro Max 1ml product:
  • Cross-linked non-animal synthesized hyaluronic acid.
  • IPN-Like.
  • Sorbitol; an antioxidant and moisturizing agent
  • Buffer solution with a Concentration of 14 mg/g.
  • Needle; 30 G1/8 30 G1/2
TARGETED AREAS The Stylage Hydro Max 1ml is a dermal filler specifically made to treat skin, however, the major areas that tend to be treated with the product are:
  • Face
  • Neck
  • Neck line
  • Hands
  • Arms
  • Underarms
  • Lower knees
APPLICATION GUIDELINES The Stylage Hydro Max 1ml is an organic product and can be used to treat many areas of skin but is ought to be used with special care. The Stylage Hydro Max 1mlneeds a practitioner in the area of fillers and aesthetic treatments. Any professional who has practical field training of the given subject can only be appointed for the application of fillers onto the skin. RESULTS The aesthetic treatment of Stylage Hydro Max 1ml gives great results on the skin such as it brightens up the skin by boosting skin radiance. The fine lines caused by the folding of the deep dermis layer of the skin are removed. The Stylage Hydro Max 1ml product injects its serum into the skin that contains naturally occurring chemicals that help get rid of the facial wrinkles hence aging. PRECAUTIONS Generally, the treatment is made to use for all since there are no side effects or major harm o it. also, the product is made from all the ingredients that are already naturally a part of human skin. So, there is no harm issuing it by anybody. However, there are a few exceptions that are seen:
  • Teenagers and children are not allowed to use the product on the skin
  • Pregnant r breastfeeding women are also not allowed
  • People with certain skin allergies such as hypersensitivity, etc. must not use it
  • People with diseases such as autoimmune disorder are also prohibited to use the treatment
SIDE EFFECTS The aesthetic treatments re usually made to treat skin with the naturally occurring ingredient. Similarly, the Stylage Hydro Max 1ml is made to treat the skin without causing any major or long term harm. There are a few side effects that may go away within 2-3 weeks and make your skin show all the results that the product has promised to manifest. Here are the short term or temporary side effects that are caused by Stylage Hydro Max 1ml treatment:
  • Bruising
  • Redness
  • Itching
  • Swelling
  • Numbing
  • Slight pain, etc
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