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Stylage Hydro 1 x 1,0 ml

Stylage Hydro 1 x 1,0 ml

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Stylage Hydro fillers are specifically used for the treatment of moderately dehydrated skin and the skin that needs moisture, elasticity and getting rid of wrinkles from the extreme dryness and also that occur due to age increases. It is also used for skin slackness and dullness in the texture of the skin. The areas that this product targets are the face, neck, and hands and to rejuvenate and revitalize them the fillers are precisely used. It improves the overall texture and elasticity of the skin in these specific areas and targets the wrinkles and smoothness of the skin that occurs as the signs of aging. Stylage Hydro is included in the category of dermal fillers, which are injected on the face and are used to smooth out the fine lines on the face. Stylage Hydro is an appealing and recent most dermal filler which is specifically designed to smooth out the wrinkles from the face, neck, and hands. Especially it is designed for those old aged people who want the natural beauty of their face, neck and the hands to stay noticeable and stay as same as they had in their youth. The product brings and stores back the young texture of the face, neck, and hands and also improves the appearance of these areas to be looking fresh and beautiful. The treatment by these fillers includes the well-known and effective multiple microinjections in which small needles are used depending on the dosage that the area of skin needs to be injected upon. The dosages of these fillers totally depend upon the condition of the skin and the technique is chosen by the dermatologist or the practitioner accordingly the areas in which the filler has to be injected. That is the face, neck or at the back of the hands.

Stylage Hydro Results:

Sudden improvement of the texture and youth restored look is noticed just after the first session is completed. But in most of the cases, touch up treatments or sittings are required so that the result remains constant and also the maintained desired look remains the same. The physician, however, tells more clearly about the future visits or sittings after looking at the needs and requirements of the skin and plans a schedule for the client according to their skin’s individual and personal needs because every skin type is different and hence requires various fluctuations according to its type when it comes to fillers.


Before getting the treatment done, however it is recommended for the clients to avoid the usage of any drugs such as anti-inflammatory or anti-allergic tablets for at least five days before getting the fillers injected. It is also recommended to avoid using any products on the skin such as acne creams or gels, eczema products or lotions or herpes medicines for oral use. The skin is required to be consuming-free from such products in the areas of treatment especially. The more raw form the skin will be in, the better treatment will be attained.
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