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What is SILHOUETTE SOFT® 16 cones treatment?

SILHOUETTE SOFT® 16 cones treatment, also known as puppet facelift and one stitch facelift is an instant lift non-surgical treatment, more or less similar to PDO threads (polydiaxanone threads) treatment as it works with sutures which get inserted inside the human skin to get the skin uplifted. These sutures carry cones on the thread which are located after a specific and measured distance into the skin.  These cones bolster the skin and incline the formation of collagen into the skin, which increases skin’s elasticity and makes it look flawless, young and beautiful than ever before.

Why do experts recommend and use SILHOUETTE SOFT® 16 cones treatment?

Experts use SILHOUETTE SOFT® 16 cones to remove signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. Moreover, the skin is to be lifted with the cones provided on sutures, which gives your skin an uplifted look as it gets inserted into the skin. It escalates the amount and production of collagen into the skin. Research proves that collagen in the human skin is responsible for providing elastic property to skin and retains water for a long period of time. SILHOUETTE SOFT® 16 cones is suitable for patients who are looking forward to uplift their cheeks, cheekbones, eyebrows, contour line, jawline, neck or midface portion.

Mechanism of SILHOUETTE SOFT® 16 cones treatment?

SILHOUETTE SOFT® 16 cones products work with cones which provide bi-directional support inside the skin after their insertion. The suture is biodegradable which dissolve within a month after the surgery and encourages the growth of collagen, a compound naturally present in human skin which paves skin’s elasticity and is responsible for a wrinkle-free uplifted skin. However, the suture begins to dissolve off completely dissolved within 30 days yet the effect of collagen network remains effective inside the skin for almost a year and a half to two years. After that, a patient is required to get his/her skin with SILHOUETTE SOFT® 16 cones once again.

After application of SILHOUETTE SOFT® 16 cones, when to use it again?

The suture present in SILHOUETTE SOFT® 16 cones products and are inserted into the skin dissolves within a month or so yet the collagen formation made due to them may last for a period of 18 to 24 months in general. However, the lasting duration of this non-surgical treatment solely depends on the skin type and the severity of tissue folding into the skin. The more facial folding in any skin will lead to the less lasting time of SILHOUETTE SOFT® 16 cones treatment and similarly vice-versa. After that, the SILHOUETTE SOFT® 16 cones treatment is to be applied again in order to maintain skin’s beauty.

How can SILHOUETTE SOFT® 16 cones be different from other products such as SILHOUETTE SOFT® 8 cones and SILHOUETTE SOFT® 12 cones treatment?

The one and only difference between SILHOUETTE SOFT® 16 cones from other products such as SILHOUETTE SOFT® 8 cones and SILHOUETTE SOFT® 12 cones products is that SILHOUETTE SOFT® 16 cones contain 16 cones on the long thread of 30cm after the measured distance of 0.8cm, each cone is located and works in bi-directional which means the cones provide strong support to the skin structure.

Is it possible to merge SILHOUETTE SOFT® 16 cones with other aesthetic treatment?

SILHOUETTE SOFT® 16 cones treatment is an aesthetic treatment and has no side effects and can be combined with other fillers especially in combination to hyaluronic acid fillers as it is a naturally occupying compound in human skin and causes no pain to the patient.

What are the effects of using SILHOUETTE SOFT® 16 cones treatment?

SILHOUETTE SOFT® 16 cones is a product which is specially designed to provide maximum comfort to the patients without causing any serious injury or harm to patient’s skin.  Contemplating above fact,  SILHOUETTE SOFT® 16 cones products cause no permanent side effects when inserted into the skin for fixing facial folding. A number of different temporary side effects are seen which are as follows:
  • Bruising
  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Numbness
  • Itching
  • Slight pain or discomfort
In case the duration of temporary effects exceeds the period of one month, a patient is required to visit the dermatologists.

Expected precautions to be taken after SILHOUETTE SOFT® 16 cones treatment?

Patients who are pregnant or going through lactation period should not get treated with SILHOUETTE SOFT® 16 cones products until and unless their pregnancy and lactation period is over as it can cause harm to the coming life. Also, for the patients who are under age 18 should never use it and those who have susceptible immune system should try avoiding SILHOUETTE SOFT® 16 cones products. Moreover, if a patient is suffering from any kind of acute or chronic skin diseases or allergy should also not use it. These products are for once use only, do not try desterilizing and reusing it as it may cause serious injury to your skin. Moreover, discard sutures in an open packaged even if they are unused.

Is it necessary to take a skin test before SILHOUETTE SOFT® 16 cones treatment?

SILHOUETTE SOFT® 16 cones are made from ingredients which are easily dissolvable inside human skin, which make these products safe for the use of specialists and dermatologists. Yet if a patient’s skin has previously or currently going through any kind of allergy, then the SILHOUETTE SOFT® 16 cones treatment is not recommended. Therefore, in order to play safe, one must get checked from dermatologists and get all the skin tests regarding common skin allergies such as sensitivity to polylactic acid or glycolide etc.

What is the storage requirement for SILHOUETTE SOFT® 16 cones product?

SILHOUETTE SOFT® 16 cones is a product which is sensitive to moisture, sunlight, and heat, therefore, one must not carry this product under sunlight and moisture. Also, the ideal temperature range for the storage of this product is 0 to 8 degrees centigrade, however, two degrees deviation in minimum and the maximum temperature is allowed but not more than that.

Who are the authentic vendors to purchase SILHOUETTE SOFT® 16 cones products?

Never compromise for less than the best products for your skin. Your skin deserves the genuine of the genuine products to get treated from. For this purpose, has been selling authentic products since its birth. It is an online website where you can get quality driven products of SILHOUETTE SOFT® 16 cones and also several other skincare products.  
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