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What is SILHOUETTE SOFT® 12 cones treatment? SILHOUETTE SOFT® 12 cones treatment is an instant lift non-surgical face treatment, popularly known as one-stitch facelift and puppet face-lift, is similar to PDO threads treatment. It works on the principle of sutures and cones which are inserted into the skin for face lifting. These sutures provided with cones gives skin a tightened look by enhancing the production of collagen into the skin. These sutures are particularly made from polylactic acid and cones are made from lactide-glycolide, which instantly dissolves into the skin leaving no traces behind. Why do specialists use SILHOUETTE SOFT® 12 cones treatment?             Dermatologists and skin specialists use SILHOUETTE SOFT® 12 cones for treating signs of aging that is wrinkled. Wrinkles occur when skin layers show tissue folding, therefore, to fix them, skin layers have to be fixed. Specialists and dermatologists suggest SILHOUETTE SOFT® 12 cones treatment to enhance the skin by developing collagen network into the kin.  This collagen network is enhanced when sutures with 12 cones are inserted into the skin, however, increases collagen growth and improves skin’s elasticity. How do SILHOUETTE SOFT® 12 cones work? SILHOUETTE SOFT® 12 cones work in a special manner different from any other dermal filler mechanism but similar to PDO threads treatment. The working of SILHOUETTE SOFT® 12 cones is quite simple, however, works in two directions to provide more support to the suture or in other works threads. These cones are located on the suture at a distance of 0.8cm in a 27.5cm long suture. These sutures are made biodegradable so that they can dissolve into the skin after a one month periods. The purpose of these threads is to produce or increase the declined levels of collagen into the skin to skin elasticity and give it a prolonged life and appear it young and wrinkle free from the outside. What is the maximum time for re-application of SILHOUETTE SOFT® 12 cones products? Although the SILHOUETTE SOFT® sutures gradually dissolve, because of the collagen growth the effects of a treatment may last It all depends on the skin type and the severity of the wrinkles present in the skin. however, the more the tissue folding is present into the skin the more amount of product will be required to settle down the skin layers and obviously will only show results for a less period of time.  While the skin treated with SILHOUETTE SOFT® 12 cones and possess less wrinkle folding into the skin, the effect of SILHOUETTE SOFT® 12 cones will last for a longer period of time. However, dermatologists purport that an average period for the lasting time of SILHOUETTE SOFT® 12 cones is 18 months to 24 months which is profoundly seem in all cases whether as patients ahs more or less wrinkle or tissue folding in his/her skin. How is SILHOUETTE SOFT® 12 cones different from other SILHOUETTE SOFT® products? SILHOUETTE SOFT® 12 cones contain 12 sutures on a 27.5cm long thread and are bi-directional that is it can support skin tissues in two directions. In the SILHOUETTE SOFT® 12 cones product, the cones are situated at a distance of 0.8cm on the thread. Can SILHOUETTE SOFT® 12 cones are used in combination with other dermal filler treatments? Yes, SILHOUETTE SOFT® 12 cones are fashioned in a special manner so that they can easily be merged with any of the temporary dermal filler treatment if the wrinkles on a patient’s skin are severe and cannot be treated with solely with SILHOUETTE SOFT® 12 cones treatment. The best combinations are made with dermal fillers that contain hyaluronic acid as it is an organic ingredient and does not cause any harm. What are the expected side effects of SILHOUETTE SOFT® 12 cones treatment? Although, these treatments are specially formulated in such a way that might not cause any kind of a pain to the patient yet there are several cases reported in which patient felt slight discomfort and avoidable pain. There are no permanent side effects of SILHOUETTE SOFT® 12 cones but a number of temporary side effects may include bruising, redness, swelling in the skin, slight pain. However, if any of the above temporary side effects exceed the period of a month or gets severe, the patient is required to see a doctor immediately. What are the expected precautions a patient or an expert is required to take for SILHOUETTE SOFT® 12 cones treatment? SILHOUETTE SOFT® 12 cones are specially made to treat skins for all types, however, a few cases are reported in which patients are prohibited to use SILHOUETTE SOFT® 12 cones  treatment such as pregnant women are not allowed to use this treatment, also women going through lactation period are also not advised to use this. Moreover, experts advise that teenagers and children below 18 years of age should not use this treatment as their skin is in a growing age and can produce collagen on its own. Does the treatment of SILHOUETTE SOFT® 12 cones require a skin test before it? Since SILHOUETTE SOFT® 12 cones products are made from biodegradable ingredients and do not cause any harm as they get dissolved into the skin. Yet there are a few requirements to be done before taking this treatment, which includes a complete skin test to check if your skin contains any kind of allergies. What are the storage conditions and requirements for SILHOUETTE SOFT® 12 cones products? It is highly recommended for storing SILHOUETTE SOFT® 12 cones products at a temperature range of 0 to 8-degree centigrade. Also, do not let the product get the exposure to direct heat of sunlight as it may cause severe harm to the SILHOUETTE SOFT® 12 cones product. Lastly, to keep the product in a dry place away from moisture, humidity and hydration are very much suggested by experts. From where SILHOUETTE SOFT® 12 cones can be bought? Any patient who is willing to get SILHOUETTE SOFT® 12 cones treatment done can purchase the product from as they are authentic sellers and have made their name over the market by providing products with A-grade quantity. Not only SILHOUETTE SOFT® 12 cones, but a number of other dermal fillers and hair filler products are available at their store.
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