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Restylane® Vital Light SB Lidocaine 1ml

Restylane® Vital Light SB Lidocaine 1ml

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Restylane Vital light is designed in such a way which helps to improve the skin tone by increasing the smoothness of the skin and by boosting the skin hydration and firmness. It is used to treat the most delicate parts of the skin such as neck, face, lips and hands. It contains lidocaine which is a powerful anesthetic to make the treatment comfortable.

Is the procedure painful?

It is obvious that injecting needle will give you a mild pain but apart from the treatment it is painless and in some cases, it also depends on the doctor whether they are treating it nicely or just doing it in a rush which can cause pain. In addition, nowadays doctors make sure that their patients are satisfied and happy. Sometimes the pain depends on the person they how much pain they can undergo.

How to use Restylane Vital light?

After consulting doctor, they will check certain things before starting the treatment after that they will inject the Restylane Vital light injection in respective areas through a small needle to smooth the Perioral wrinkles, hands, neck and lines around the corner of the eyes resulting in youthful and smooth skin. The duration depends on the patients and how much they need correction on their face but mostly it takes 20 to 30 minutes.

Precautions before going for treatment:

Before going for treatment make sure to avoid drinking alcohol and smoking 2 to 3 days prior treatment because the substances like Synflex aspirin or any sort of drugs can harm you and cause thinning in your blood which can be dangerous for you. It is also said by doctors that try to avoid swimming and outdoor activities just for the safety.

Benefits of Restylane Vital Light

Following are the benefits of Restylane Vital:
  • It hydrates your skin deeply
  • It improves the quality of the skin.
  • Helps to make skin smooth
  • Rejuvenate skin (neck, lips, hands etc)
  • It effectively treats damaged skin due to sun rays.
  • It reduces scars of acne.

Side effects of using Restylane Vital light

  • Itching
  • Little pain
  • Tenderness
  • Swelling
  • Skin redness
  • Erythema (redness of the skin occurred because of hyperemia)

Avoid using if:

  • You are pregnant women
  • Acute or severe skin problem
  • Autoimmune problem
  • Chronic Allergic problem
  • Sensitivity to hyaluronic acid
  • Sensitivity to amide anesthetics

How long it will last?

Doctor suggests 3 or more injections for better and vibrant results and each course should be after 4 weeks of gap time. Talking about the impact we all are aware of this that it’s not for a lifetime but it can last around 9 months or sometimes a year (in rare cases). The pack consists of:
  • 1 x 1ml syringe
  • 3 x needles
  • 12 mg/ml hyaluronic acid
  • 3 mg/ml Lidocaine


Restylane provides patients to experience natural elegance which helps them to look better. There are number of sub products of Restylane dermal fillers skin boosters which are meant to make your skin refine and refresh.
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