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DesoFace – 5 vials x 10ml

DesoFace – 5 vials x 10ml

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DesoFace – Product Description

DesoFace is one of the dermal formulawith revolutionary results of fat dissolving. The DesoFace actually aims to target on the lower layers of dermis and fix it for the better results.However, for the better results, the DesoFaceis injected on the affected portion such as to reduce the fat of cheeks, lower area of chin, contour bones and all the other areas of the face where fat can reduce the feature enhancement. DesoFace is a new name in the industry with effective results. The active ingredient that lies in DesoFace formula is Sodium Deoxycholate (deoxycholicacid), an FDA approved chemical, used in order to breakdown the cells of skin fat. The DesoFaceingredients have been proven to be more effective than any of the filler in the market due to its unique formation.

What comes inside the pack of DesoFace?

The skin fat dissolving formula comes inside the packet which gives you:
  • Five vials consisting of 10ml
  • Manual of detailed instructions about DesoFace usage and application

How does it work?

Basically, the fat dissolving formula operates inside the human skin with the treatment of 0.5% Sodium Deoxycholate solution to get rid of excessive fat. The5 vials contain a volume of 10ml each. People who are looking for a perfectly shaped face are ought to try for better results.

Is there any major difference among Aqualyx, DesoFace and DesoBody?

Definitely, yes. The three major products of fat dissolving formula are functioned according to their respective roles. However, the DesoFace works on the face and the neck-line whereas the DesoBody is specifically made to shape your body by reducing the excessive fat in it.

Does the DesoFace application requires some special training?

The DesoFace application might require you to take the professional guidance since it may be a little tricky for the new users. However, if you have been using it for quite a while, then you may take the doctor’s advice and use it to administer in your skin.

How can you apply the DesoFace formula on skin?

For the appropriate application of the DesoFace without any harm causing to the skin, the concern to the dermatologist or healthcare professional is a must. It’s appropriate if you get the expert advice before getting into it.

Is there any harm using these formula for body shaping?

The body shaping or fat reducing formula is formed to get the best results on your face and neck. The ingredients sued in the product are made with the naturally occurring chemicals inside human skin. Therefore, there are no as such harmful side-effects of the products. Yes, there might be a few short-term effects, yet they go with time, giving you the best possible results you aspired for. The products are highly prohibited to use for women who are pregnant or on breastfeed, or patients of haemorrhage, liver disease, acute infections, skin related allergies and acute thyroiditis.    
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