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DesoBody – Fat Reducing Body Fillers

Mostly the fat reducing fillers are classified into two types; one is for the body and the other one is for the face. The Deso formula for fat-reduction comes in two forms, DesoFace and DesoBody. However, the major purpose of both the formula is to reduce the excessive fat present on the face and human body. More specifically, the DesoBody is used to gives a curvy shape to the There are two types of fat dissolving injections treatments, Desobody and Desoface.Both has one major ingredient that helps dissolving fast, i.e. liplytic agent, which helps liquefy the fat on your body and face. However, the fat trying to dissolve reaches the lymphatic system and is removed naturally through it.

DesoBody – Mechanism

The DesoBody treatment, which is a non-surgical treatment targets the body areas where the fat content is in high amount. Such areas could be thigh muscles, hip portion, lower and side abdomen, back, flanks, back, underarms, lower arm, inner knees, etc. the treatment involves the syringes filled with sodium deoxycholate(1.25%) serum injected into different areas of the body.

DesoBody – Dosage

Use the ½ vial for the 10x10 area of your body

DesoBody – Lasting Duration

The results of the DesoBody may start to appear within 2-3 weeks after the treatment has been taken. The duration of the treatment may last according to your fat amount in the body. If the proportion is less than the duration may last for a longer period of time.

How many sessions do I need to take?

The number of sessions of DesoBody treatment solely depends on the fat content in your body or skin. For an average person, there must be 3-4 session of DesoBodytreatment.However, the sessions are not consecutive and are taken after 6 weeks’ interval. Depending on the treatment area, the duration may increase or decrease.

DesoBody – Post Treatment

There are certain do’s which you need to do after your treatment of DesoBody has been done. Here’s what you need to do:
  • Wear skin tight clothing that compresses your body and helps it remain in shape.
  • Do the exercise on daily basis
  • the dermatologist recommends to do an Endermologie after 3 days of your DesoBody treatment to reduce the swelling and speed up the recovery
  • use the home made products rather than chemically made ingredients

What precaution one should take after the treatment?

In order to have long-lasting results, it is important that you should avoid the following activities:
  • Right after the treatment done on your body, it is important to avoid warm water showers for 24-48 hours
  • Avoid using any product even if its sun-block (majorly avoid exposure of sunlight)
  • Skip using skin exfoliating creams or any active skin creams for 2-3 days

How Much Does the products DesoBody Cost?

The DesoBody per vial may cost you £250 which is same as DesoFace. However, if you opt for the package deal, then it costs you £800 for 4 vials, ultimately saving you £200 in the package deal. The DesoBody and DesoFace offers £150 for the initial 20 customers, so hurry up and avail the early bird discounts.
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