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Belotero Intense with Lidocaine from the Merz run utilizes an uncommon innovation – Coherent Polydensified Matrix (CPM), Belotero isn't only dermal filler, yet in addition a characteristic organizing component, which builds the flexibility of your skin. You can enjoy the outcomes after injecting dermal filler into the profound layers of the dermis, where one of the ingredients will make your confidence and beauty for wonderful for quite a long time. It’s highly effective dermal filler made from cross-linked sodium hyaluronate. In aesthetic procedures, it’s often applied to increase or restore the quantity of the specified areas. as an example , it is apply to improve lip volume or contours of the face. Doctors also use Belotero Intense to fill deep wrinkles and folds. Belotero Intense is produced by Anteis SA, a Swiss company founded in 2003.

Features of Belotero Intense

  • Natural ingredients
It is formulated hyluronic acid, a present compound, It is a key ingredient. Obtained through bio-fermentation, the hyaluronic acid during this formula is fully biodegradable and bio compatible. Belotero Intense is safe to be used by patients having all skin types.
  • Reticulation Process
The protected powerful reticulation process makes for the poly-densified, durable structure of Belotero Intense. The strong Belotero Intense gel can be effortlessly infused through a little distance across needle.

Side Effects of using Belotero Intense

There are some possible side effects which can occur after the treatment. Such as,
  • Insensitivity
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Itchiness
  • Mild pain
Usually it will disappear after a couple of days to every week

Avoid using this in term of

  • Do not go for this treatment if you are hypersensitive to hyaloronic acid
  • Don’t go if you have any Immune system disease
  • Don’t use it if you have infection
  • If you are pregnant

Important Precautionary Tips:

  • To reduce risk of infection, aseptic technique should be maintained when the procedure is going on.
  • For best outcome consult only professional dermatologist for the treatment.

Treatment Areas:

  • Nasolabial folds
  • Bitterness folds
  • Lips volume
  • Projection of the chin
  • Cheekbones
  • Tear through
  • Temples
  • Tails of eyebrows
  • Nose

Why Belotero?

Belotero dermal fillers injections are used by doctors to inject into the skin tissue, and thus, offers common outcomes that don't confine a person's looks of feelings. Structured with the Cohesive Polydensified Matrix (CPM) innovation, Belotero fillers were made for common reconciliation and a one of a kind 3D stream. This manufacturing process allows the product to merge with the body’s own skin tissue and provides a natural looking outcome. The interesting assembling process likewise makes hyaluronic acid with various densities. This leads to a mixture of high and rarity areas, meaning the filler mimics the behavior of tissue. Due to this, the filler is in a position to figure seamlessly below the surface of the skin without looking fake. Additionally, the broad range of product offered by Belotero implies each patient and professional has a wide variety of treatment choices and results accessible. Also, Belotero items are great, which furnishes patients with items that can help their self-assurance and give the ideal outcomes.
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