Stylage S Lidocaine 2 x 0,8 ml


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Product Name : Stylage® S Lidocaine
Quantity : 2 Syringes x 0,8ml per pack
Manufacturer : Vivacy
Supply Available : To All regions

Delivery time: 3-6 Days Express Shipping (TNT)

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Stylage S Lidocaine is specifically designed for improving appearance of superficial lines in the mid-dermis. Use Stylage S lidocaine for correcting fine lines as well as superficial wrinkles. It is mostly use for areas under eyes like Stylage S. However, it contains Lidocaine that decreases the pain and increase the comfort level during treatment.


  • Contains Lidocaine for comfort of patient
  • Improves appearance

1 review for Stylage S Lidocaine 2 x 0,8 ml

  1. Ahmed al Massud

    My doctor had recommended me to have this treatment, I bought it from here and I must say that the price is much lower here than the local market, thanks… the quality is also top notch.

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