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Stylage L


Product Name : Stylage® L 1ml
Quantity : 2 Syringes x 1ml per pack
Manufacturer : Vivacy
Supply Available : To All regions

1 -4 pack(s)5 – 9 pack(s)10 – 19 pack(s)20+ pack(s)
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Stylage L is designed to improve one’s personality by improving the appearance and eliminating severe wrinkles in deep dermis. You can use Stylage L for getting rid of medium to deep naso-labial folds by filling them, marionette lines, smoothing wrinkles and sagging areas, cheek wrinkles and hollow temple area. It can also hump reduction or nasal tip lift and earlobe re-shaping. Stylage L  is also used for hand rejuvenation that includes volumizing loss treatment on the back of hands.

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