Spring PDO thread with needle 27G- 60mm


. extreme sharp needle for atraumatic insertion

. high quality product CE certified

Gauge : 27G

Needle Length : 60mm

Suture Length: 60mm

USP Size : 5-0

Each pack contains 20 pcs


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Spring PDO threads have become very popular for thread lifting since they are much more comfortable and give a more pleasing experience to the patient. Spring PDO threads are basically single Mono thread which is coiled with a polydioxanone monofilament that is very helpful for thread lifting and other treatments.

People are beauty supporter but they along with this support the idea of keeping the treatment minimal painful and with immediate results. Every person wants to look beautiful with no signs of aging giving way. This is only possible with the usage of right product which is trustworthy and cost-effective as well. PDO Threads are one of the ways through which common signs of ageing – wrinkles are taken care of. These wrinkles keep on appearing on the face due to the layer of fat under the skin when starts getting dissolved. Among many types of PDO Threads, Spring Threads are most commonly used and liked by the people.

This is one of the ways through which uplifting and tightening are way too easy to gain. Through this method, elasticity is expanded. The smooth skin is restored by making turns to one direction and with compression which result in physical stimulation upon tissues. The PDO Thread maintains the elasticity by pulling the skin with even and tight force. The procedure is also known as the gentle lift and known for the positive restoration results.

The usage of one or two threads intertwined around the needle which is inserted into the skin producing the amplified results. This gives volume and plumpness which is the major requirement of the people. The threads help in raising the sunken skin which has lost its fatty layer which is one of the harmful results where good and youthful looks and skin is involved.

Spring Threads are the nonsurgical treatment which needs skilled doctors or practitioners who can help in making the right moves where inserting and lifting the skin is concerned. This helps in maximizing the outcome of the high elasticity in the skin just like a spring which gives the bouncy effect instead of sagging effects.

The threads have collagen in it which when inserted into the skin at once starts giving signs of rejuvenation which is most needed by the people. The revitalized skin is the result of increased collagen synthesis and secretion of cytokines

Areas treated by Spring Threads:

People suffering from double chin, eyebrow lifting, linear wrinkles, nasolabial triangle structure, face shape and body contouring are the major correction provided areas.

Size of the thread:

Mostly the size of the thread is 2 cm when rolled while 10cm when unrolled with 5-0 USP. The wounded threads are inserted into the affected areas.

Last for:

The elasticity caused due to the insertion of the thread is generally make it last long for about 2 years which at times starts giving away the signs of the product losing its effects.

Spring threads are generally used for face uplifting which is the major area making people starts losing confidence if the wrinkles and folds start appearing and making you look aged more than what you actually age. Get the right volume which is the major demand of the people who wants to look beautiful and youthful at the same time without going through much pain.


  • Lesser Pain
  • Coiled Suture
  • Easy access to deepest areas
  • Polydioxanone thread


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