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Restylane® Vital Injector Lidocaine 2ML

Restylane® Vital Injector Lidocaine 2ML ,

Product Name : Restylane® Vital Injector Lidocaine 2ML
Quantity : 1 Syringe x 2ml per pack
Manufacturer : Galderma
Supply Available : To All regions

1 – 5 pack(s) 6 – 10 pack(s) 11 – 20 pack(s) 21 – 50 pack(s) 51+ pack(s)
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Restylane Vital Injector Lidocaine is a filler specially developed for Restylane Vital with lidocaine injection. Restylane Vital Injector with lidocaine is used for deep dermis by injecting the gel to the skin to rehydrate skin and refurnishing photo-damaged skin with lesser pain since it contains lidocaine. It helps the skin to rehydrate from the most inner areas and increase the moisture level and smoothens the skin. The ergonomic pen style type of this filler is more comfortable to hold by physicians. It has the ability to inject precisely controlled 200 doses of 10µl amount of HA or hyaluronic acid into your skin. This feature eliminates any chances of overdosing since it only  contains the specific quantity of the pen.


  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Easy to be hold by physician
  • No chances of overdosing
  • Smoothens skin

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