Prostrolane Natural B


Active Ingredients

Oligopeptide-24, Decapeptide-36, Octapeptide-11, Oligopeptide-34, Oligopeptide-92

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Let a natural beauty be with Prostrolane Natural B


2ml gel in prefilled syringec

Recommended dosage and sessions :

1 session every 2 weeks

Total session :

2 sessions


  • Natural Look
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Correction of facial wrinkles

Regulation of Aquaporin3 Gene Expression

Cell: HaCaT Keratinocyte / Culture time: 12, 24hours

Method: RT-PCR analysis

Regulation of Collagen expression Cell:

NIH3T3 Fibroblast / Culture time: 48hours

Method: Immunocytochemistry assay


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