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princess green tea mask

Princess Green Tea Mask ,

Presentation: The pack consists of 8 masks

Benefits of Princess Green Tea Masks:

  • Clinically tested and paraben-free
  • Helps to smoothen skin irritation
  • Promotes generation of skin cells
  • Protects skin from harmful environmental hazards

How to apply mask:

The masks should be applied after cleansing, after applying the face mask leave it for 15 minutes on your face.



Delivery time: 3-6 Days

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This Green tea mask from Princess is a facial mask that contains green tea in it along with many other ingredients known for their antioxidant and soothing effects which also help to regenerate skin properties. This Green Tea Mask from Princess provides the lost vitamins to your skin which help to soothe the irritation marks as well as providing the protection to your skin against harmful environmental disease. Get a healthy and clearer complexion by using this Princess Green Tea Mask to provide optimal care for your skin.

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