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princess filler 1ml

Princess® Filler 1ML ,

Product Name : Princess® Filler 1ML
Quantity : 1 Syringe x 1ml per pack
Manufacturer : Croma
Supply Available : To All regions


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Princess Filler is made up of non-animal Hyaluronic acid which is intended to increase the volume of the skin’s surface and increase the beauty of the patient.

Croma has manufactured this sterile and colorless homogenized gel implant to soften the modern facial wrinkles as well as correcting folds and hiding scars.

The results of Princess filler are long lasting but cannot be considered permanent. For durable results, the patients will need post treatments after the first treatment.

All Princess fillers including Princess Rich and Princess Volume can be injected into any facial area and can also be used for volumizing lips.

However, the practitioner must be experienced and the filler should only be handled by an expert physician or dermatologist that has great experience in the field – otherwise, results can be terrible and may lead to embolism.

During the treatment, the doctor must ensure that he does not inject the gel into the veins of the patient and only in the skin surface.

Comfort level is highly increased during the treatment with Princess filler, thanks to the local anesthetic called “Lidocaine”.

Side Effects of Princess Filler

There are no major side-effects of the Princess filler. However, patients may suffer from some temporary problems like itching, redness, red spots and swelling on the treated area.

These problems may disappear shortly. In-case if the patient is having any unnatural problem, then he must need to have a complete check-up by the doctor.

Who should not use Princess® Filler?

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not use Princess filler. People with allergenic problems should also avoid dermal filler injections.

According to Croma, more than 98% patients were satisfied by the treatment and witnessed immediate results after the treatment.

Despite the patients’ experience, one must ensure that he does not have any history of skin problems or disease.

It is also required to only allow professional to treat you. Any attempt of injecting the gel into the skin by self may lead to any serious problem.

Princess filler is many times considered as a competitor of Juvederm, that’s why people are looking for “Princess vs Juvederm” reviews.

Please see this page for better understanding.


  • Anti wrinkles
  • Anti aging
  • Volumize lips
  • Universal Product

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