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Multi-Injectors: linear, 3-needle connections, 27G/0.40x4mm, 36pcs

December 21, 2016

Art. : 710201
PZN : 8486031
Multi-Injectors :  linear, 3-needle connections, 27G/0.40x4mm, 36pcs

Delivery time: 3-6 Days

Product Description

Meso Pro has a variety of different Multi Injectors including linear Multi injectors with 3-needle connections. These injectors can only be used once, each pack contains 36 pcs and is EtO sterilized and CE certified. Multi – injectors are supplied along with appropriate needles to allow accurate and safe use. The needles are already patched to reduce the risk of any injury to the patient. The pain sensation is also reduced because of perfect grinding of needles. Connection with drug containing syringe is easy due to standard Luer connection.


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