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intraline two

Intraline Two ,

Full name Name: Intraline Two
Active Composition: biotic, non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid, NASHA™ (20 mg/ml).
Volume: Prefilled Syringe 1×10 ml.

Packaging: Aseptic
Manufacturer: Q-Med AB.
Country Originated: Europe.
Accessory: Package incorporates a patient record labels (recommended to be injected with a 16G, or wider, blunt cannula, separately obtained).
Storage Temperature and Conditions: Store up to 25℃; at cool and dry place, free from freezing and sunlight in a cool and dry place

Intraline Two is a transparent, organic but non-animal sourced and smooth soft filler gel used particularly for the treatment of correcting deep facial wrinkles. The correction of facial wrinkles includes frown lines, lip commeasure, Cupid’s bow, crow’s feet, forehead lines and nasolabial folds. They are used to gather moisture into the skin and hold it until its durations period gets over with time. However, the lasting period may end after 6-9 months, depending on type and condition of skin. Intraline Two makes your skin hydrated by adding extra moisture to it, leaving it younger looking and fresh. Also, it adds volume to the skin and is a more advanced version of Intraline One. Therefore, it is used to treat patients with deep facial folds.


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Intraline Two Injecting Areas

Intraline Two is used to treat deep facial wrinkles so it should be thoroughly injected in facial wrinkles inside the deep layer of face causing hyaluronic acid to form and even distribution and hold water to reduce dehydration resulting in elastic skin. it is particularly injected in faces areas, such as nasolabial folds, crow’s feet, forehead lines, lips lines and neck. Intraline Two will make you look younger and have a perfectly glowing and flawless skin.


Intraline Two is hyaluronic acid based. The body creates hyaluronic acid to hydrate skin. hyaluronic acid attracts water. Body produced hyaluronic acid has limited ability to retain water. So a cross-linkage of bond between hyaluronic acid molecules is formed so that it will have maximum ability to hold water within it. This cross-linkage will have a long lasting effect of hydration will will truly reflect onto your skin. Therefore, a special cross-linkage formation of hyaluronic acid derived fillers is produced such as Intraline Two, making your skin appear more elastic and young.

Side Effects

side effects are temporary. In some cases lasting for a week and in some cases lasting up to 4 weeks. However, there are no cases reported where the non-permanent side effects lasted more than a month. Intraline Two has side effects which are as follows:

  • Bruising
  • Soreness
  • Itching
  • Redness
  • Inflammation
  • Tenderness
  • Slight pain

In case of allergic reactions, patient must consult a doctor. However, before using such treatments, one must get checked by a well practiced dermatologist so that they should know about the allergies, possessing before getting into any dermal treatments.

Duration of Intraline two

Intraline Two is particularly known for its efficiency and environment friendly nature. It is designed in such a way to last up to 6-9 months. The duration of results may vary according to the type and condition of the skin. You may have to get your next session planned as soon as the results start fading away.

Purpose of Ordering Intraline Two

Intraline Two is ordered for the purpose of getting a smooth and finished look. It helps you get a flawless and strengthen skin. The hyaluronic acid present in cross-linkage form will help you get a moisturized skin. It also enhances your lips and besides treating deep wrinkles and fine lines, creates facial contouring. Injections of Intraline Two are administered deep inside the layer of skin so that the gel is evenly distributed all over making it appear bright and clean.

Easy Purchasing Methods

Intraline Two can be purchased easily through online site; It is a customer friendly website where you can easily order any product without wasting your time and energy. Also, a customer care agent is provided, who you can call and any skincare product will be delivered to you as quick as possible, at your doorsteps.

Injected Areas for Intraline Two Injections

Intraline Two is injected to treat areas such as nasolabial folds, frown lines, forehead lines, lips, cheeks for uplifting skin, under eyes and neck. It truly makes the skin tighter through its unique elasticity providing nature to skin. Once you have started aging, there is nothing you could do to stop it but this dermal filler will make you look 20 again.

Note: Product details on Intraline Two do not cover all aspects of this product.

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