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intraline one


Full Name: Intraline One
Active Composition: Biotic, non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid, NASHA™ (20 mg/ml).
Volume: Prefilled Syringe 1×10 ml.

Packaging: Aseptic
Manufacturer: Q-Med AB.67
Country Originated: Europe.
Accessory: Package incorporates a patient record labels (recommended to be injected with a 16G, or wider, blunt cannula, separately obtained).
Storage Temperature and Conditions: Store up to 25℃; at cool and dry place, free from freezing and sunlight in a cool and dry place

Intraline One is a transparent, organic but non-animal sourced and smooth soft filler gel used particularly for the treatment of correcting moderate facial wrinkles. The correction of facial wrinkles includes frown lines, lip commisure, Cupid’s bow, crow’s feet, forehead lines and nasolabial folds. They are used to gather moisture into the skin and hold it until its durations period gets over with time. However, the lasting period may end after 6-9 months, depending on type and condition of skin. Intraline One makes your skin hydrated by adding extra moisture to it, leaving it younger looking and fresh.

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Reason of Ordering Intraline One

Intraline One is used to treat moderate wrinkles of facial folds onto skin. The hyaluronic acid in Intraline One is available in cross-linkage form that has capability to retain more water than normal hyaluronic acid linkage. This ability of acid makes our skin more hydrated and more elastic as a result of which skin strength increases. However, it is injected into the cheeks, under eyes and lips or sometimes neck to disappear the wrinkles or tissue folds into the skin.

Intraline One Lasting Period

Intraline One is temporary fillers but is found to have long lasting results up to 9-9 months. Once you have administered its injections to correct your wrinkles or moderate tissue folds you need to get your next appointment fixed from a dermatologist to get your skin injected again with the same fillers as their effect will fade away in 6-9 months. Many patients reported their results lasting up to a year. Mainly, this occurs because of less tissue folding on their dermis but if your wrinkles are more, the effect will last for less duration.

Intraline One Mechanism

Intraline One works solely with respect to hyaluronic acid. The hyarluronic acid is in the cross-linkage formation, appearing to hold more amount of water into the skin, keeping it hydrated for a longer period of time. However, dehydration is the most important factor causing wrinkles and appearance of creases onto the skin. The water that is held by acid inclines skin’s elasticity and increasing its strength. As a result, skin becomes moisturized not only for a day or two but for several months until this link becomes weak and next sitting when the duration is about to get over.

Intraline One Intended Audience

Intraline One is used for people who are dealing with moderate (not very deep) facial folds or wrinkles on their skin. It is inoculated to areas having fine lines such as dark under eye bags, forehead creases, frown lines, crow’s feet or nasolabial folds etc. also, age factor is really important while injecting these fillers. People younger than 24, are likely to avoid this treatment because at this age, skin is expected to produce hyaluronic acid for skins recovery from fine lines and wrinkles. People older than 25, should first consult a specialist, before getting this treatment done.

Side Effects

Intraline One has non-permanent side effects, lasting for a week up to 4 weeks. The side effects are not likely to appear for more than a month. So in case if they last more than a month, consult to a dermatologist. For safe results, get your skin checked by a doctor in case you have any allergies with antibiotics or anti-inflammatory agents.

The temporary side effects may include:

  • Itching
  • Inflammation
  • Tenderness
  • Bruising
  • Soreness
  • Redness
  • Slight pain

Injected Areas for Intraline One Injections

Intraline One is injected to get the perfect flawless and glossy skin. it fights against wrinkles and fine lines on skin. These fine lines could be on any part of skin such as forehead lines, bags beneath eyes, chin lines, nasolabial folds, crow’s feet or frown lines. When the Intraline One is injected on above areas, it dissolves the tissue folds inside the layer of skin and gives your face a shiny appearance free from any flaws or creases. The whole phenomena is due to hyaluronic acid even distribution all over the face, leading to young and fresh sin with improved elasticity.

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