Syringe: 1x1ml

HA Concentration: 30mg per ml

Needle Size: 30G

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Gloderm 30L is a Hyaluronic Acid filler which contains natural ingredients for rejuvenating facial skin features as well as others areas including neck, hands and décolleté. This product is ideal for the middle-aged, thin or dry skin. It also helps to smoothen skin and erasing fine lines as well as eliminating wrinkles and can also be used for lip filling. Gloderm 30 is used to treat mature and photodamaged skin and can also be used to treat acne and scars

People want all the right outcomes when they are actually trying to bring that youthful skin back when aging signs start showing. There are many skin boosters available in the market as the medicinal industry has worked quite hard to bring the right effect where beauty is concerned. But people only depend on the products which have satisfying results to prove them. Gloderm 30 is among all those products which have made its own way to satisfy people with the right solutions for the firm and smooth skin.

Every skin craves for the innovative range of gentle monophasic hyaluronic acid gel, which is the right solution for getting rid of all the wrinkles, fine lines, and folds which appear on the face due to aging. The gel focuses majorly on the natural beauty which is gained through optimal hydration, contour firming, volume augmentation and skin deepening. With the Gloderm 30 booster, you get the perfect hydrated skin with the texture to flaunt on and no signs of any scar.

The aesthetic results are visible on an immediate basis which is quite satisfactory for the patients who wants to get the outcome which enhances their beauty. The effects are long-lasting and permanent to an extent. The pack contains hyaluronic acid content of about 30mg / ml Gloderm. The high viscosity makes sure that the gel stays in the dented area in the skin and keeps on giving it more and more volume.

Making things more and more favorable for the people who believe in getting the right skin with the volume to flaunt on is accurately gained through Gloderm 30. This is the reason which has brought all the right effects through the magical effect of hyaluronic acid. Bring the glow to the dull skin and say goodbye to the aging effects with the product which all the right ingredients to make you look young with the fresh youthful skin.


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