Gloderm 20


Syringe: 1x1ml

HA Concentration: 20mg per ml

Needle Size: 30G


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Gloderm 20 is a Hyaluronic Acid filler which contains natural ingredients for rejuvenating facial skin features as well as others areas including neck, hands and décolleté. This product is ideal for the middle-aged, thin or dry skin. It also helps to smoothen skin and erasing fine lines as well as eliminating wrinkles and can also be used for lip filling.

Facial aging is quite easy to figure out as the skin starts giving away the signs through sagging and losing volume. This is not an easy thing for people to accept as no one would ever want to feel and look all wrinkly and dull. To get rid of all these signs people go up for the solutions which have are quite gentle on their skin and also provide them less pain when they are going through the procedure. Gloderm 20 is that perfect solution through which people get to answer back aging that it cannot defeat people from looking good every time.

The product is one of its kinds which are packed with the prefilled syringe which hold 1 x 1ml of the gel in it already. The hyaluronic acid is the major ingredient part of the product letting people feel all the right stuff being injected into their skin for getting smoother skin. The cross-linked highly purified 20mg HA concentration injectable gel bring the right results which people look out for where their skin is concerned.

The crosslinking technology needs physician administration when the procedure takes place. The less invasive process brings the right boost to the skin which starts losing its volume due to the harsh process of aging when everything internally goes through a revolution. This is the time when Gloderm 20 adds volume to the skin and smoothen all the wrinkles and unwanted lines.

The product is fully hydrated and makes sure that all the skin depressions get a lift which they exactly demand. The skin gets the restoration of facial contours and this way smooth hyaluronic acid gel starts showing its prominent signs.

The aesthetic results will last for long and keep on making people get the best through the smooth skin which everyone dreams of. Let your skin feel the right texture and firmness which you actually deserve to have with Gloderm 20.


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