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Barbed PDO thread with L-Type Blunt Tip Cannulas 21G-60mm , ,

atraumatic insertion due blunt tip cannula

strong lifting effect

Gauge : 21G

Needle Length :60mm

Suture Length : 120mm

USP Size : 2-0

Each Pack Contains 20 pcs


Delivery time: 3-6 Days

All L-Type cannulas are blunt needle cannulas that are also known as L shape cannulas which can be used for different treatments. We provide L-type cannulas with different thickness and lengths and three dimensional barbs around it gives you more efficiency. In the packaging you get 20 pcs of bi-directional cogs with thread size of 21G, needle length 60mm, length of thread 120mm, size of thread is 2-0 USP. Needle type is L-type and material of thread is polydioxanone.


  • Bi-directional barbed thread
  • Minimize downtime
  • Strong lifting effect
  • Can be easily inserted
  • Flexible cannula
  • Lesser damage to tissues than needle


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