Barbed PDO thread with sharp tip needle 23G-90mm


Gauge : 23G

Needle Length :90mm

Suture Lenght : 150mm

USP Size : 3-0

Each Pack Contains 20 Pcs

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Barbed PDO threads with back-cut needle are phenomenal for thread lifting. They are made-up of polydioxanone filament and are cogged needles. They contain two dimentional barbs. In the packaging you get 20 pcs of bi-directional cogs threads with needle size of 23G, length of needle is 90mm, thread length is 150mm and USP size of 3-0.

Gaining the fresh and revitalized skin is a dream of all those who believe in looking and feeling beautiful. Like everything in the world youth doesn’t stay forever though it can be delayed due to the right use of effective skin care products but it can’t be avoided. PDO Threads is one the way to make this unreality become reality. People can have the facility of looking young and with no wrinkles, fine lines or fold appearing your face. This procedure is one of the effective ways to regain the beauty and confidence which people at time starts losing.

There are many types of PDO Threads which are quite efficiently helping people in sustaining the look they crave for. Barbed Threads are one of the types of PDO Threads which has been making people satisfied due to its reliability where their most sensitive parts on the face is concerned.

Barbed Threads are available in uni- and bi-directional barbs when being used. This is a semi-invasive method which helps in uplifting of the sagging skin of your face.

  1. Bi-directional threads:

The insertion is done through a hollow needle this is done to make sure that the thread can’t move either way to fix it properly and nicely.

  1. Uni-directional threads:

These are anchored at a higher level point of fixation. These are designed to bring out the best of solutions expected by the patients.

People look out for the easy way to gain beauty which makes them worth looking back at again. The absorbable barbed PDO threads are innovative and most outcome giving products. The little pain which is not possible through surgery is again one of the attractive features of the procedure which keeps people coming back again and again for the treatment. The skin lift which has been showing the signs of sagging is something which is very appreciated by people. It gives augmented results which helps in rejuvenation of the skin.

It takes care of the collagen production and covers the signs left by the facial fat decreasing. The sagging and drooping is all been taken care of by the holding tight the contours of the face.

Areas treated by Mono Threads:

The areas which are most properly cured by the Barbed Threads include eyebrows, cheeks, neck and jowls. This helps in facial rejuvenation which is one of the aims of all the beauty lover who focus on the youthful skin as their beauty.

Size of the thread:

The length of the barbed thread is around 90mm, its USP is 150mm and size usually goes up to 2-0. The threads are used with the blunt tip cannula for a traumatic insertion.

Last for:

The procedure lasts for about 2 years which is quite a long period for people to enjoy the young skin which has no marks of wrinkles and folds.

Opt for the attractive offers when using barbed threads with non-surgical alternative which give out the same goals you expect from it. Elevate your skin and make sure that your beauty stays there with the help of these absorbable sutures.


  • Extra Depth
  • Barbed Needles
  • Polydioxanone Filament
  • Guaranteed Quality



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