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Barbed PDO thread with sharp tip needle 23G-60mm , ,

Gauge : 23G

Needle Length :60mm

Suture Length: 80mm

USP Size : 3-0

Each Pack Contains 20 Pcs


Delivery time: 3-6 Days

Thread lift is a great solution for those who have facial problems such as older-looking face, sagged area, dry skin and other problems. Thread lift is a way to artificially get rid of these problems and support the weaken areas who have lose the natural facial fats. For PDO thread lifting there are many threads available but Barbed PDO threads are combined with two directional barbs which is also called cogged needle.

In each packaging you get 20 pcs of bi-directional cogs ( barbs) threads with Needle size of 23G, Length of needle 60mm, thread length of 80mm and size of thread is 3-0 USP. Back-cut Material of thread: polydioxanone


  • Back-cut needle
  • More diversity
  • Better efficiency
  • Better approach
  • Needle material is polydioxanone

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