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Barbed PDO thread with sharp tip needle 19G-100mm , ,

  • sharp tip needle

Gauge : 19G

Length :100mm

USP : 150mm

Size : 1-0

Each Pack Contains 20 Pcs


Delivery time: 3-6 Days

Barbed PDO threads with back-cut needle are essential for thread lifting. Their structure consists of polydioxanone filament. They are basically two dimentional barbs that allow you to reach inner skin with comfort from different entry points. With 19G-100mm barbed PDO threads you get 20 pieces of bi-directional cog threads with needle size of 19G, needle legth of 90mm, length of thread is 150mm and USP size is 1-0.


  • 3D barbs
  • Made up of Polydioxanone Filament
  • Guaranteed Quality
  • sharp tip needle
  • ergonomical grip for better handling

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