32G / 0,23 x 4mm


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Additional advantage over conventional needles. These special needles provide a significant advantage over conventional needles for both the practitioner and patient.


With these special needles you can offer a much more comfortable treatment scenario to your patient and a much more lesser traumatic experience which highly increases the turnout rate of your returning patients. Since we have a large variety of needles with different sizes for different approaches, you can easily select needles with different thicknesses, lengths and increase versatility during the application of the treatment.

Our special 4mm and 6mm microneedles are designed for some particular treatments such as Mesotherapy, Botox®. 25mm needles are used for injecting the gel to deeper areas, it will be highly suitable for lower arrangement of fillers, dentistry and sclerotherapy.


  • Due to the technology that is applied to manufacture these needles, the local anesthesia will probably not required due to lesser pain. This can be very useful for patients who have allergies from local anesthesia such as lidocaine.
  • The chances of temporary effects that appear after the treatment are much more lesser with reduced likelihood of scarring and nearly no redness and other problems are seen after the treatment.
  • Patients get much more durable and natural results since Botox® treatment can be done from 32G and 33G x4mm x 6mm or micro needles that can be used to inject the gel to the most inner layers of the skin.


Patients get much more comfortable and painless treatment because of the special design of the needles. For diabetic and those who inject growth hormones, these needles are very useful and simple to use. Select needles depending on the requirement of your treatment. During the treatment please make sure that you inject the medicine to the proper placement for treatment e.g. in the subcutaneous tissue or dermis.


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