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30G / 25mm MONO PDO Thread with Needle ,

. extreme sharp needle for atraumatic insertion

. high quality product CE certified

Gauge : 30G

Length : 25mm

USP : 30mm

Size : 6-0

Each Pack Contains 20 pcs


Delivery time: 3-6 Days

This is a new bio-restructuring, lifting effect thread based on the position of thin strands of the suture material known as Polidyoxanone. Creates network with the dual action that stimulates the production of collagen of type 1 bio-restorative effect and action in the support of the skin. It works with the effect of mild traction or lifting effect.The box contains 10 pieces of coiled mono threads of 30G/25mm Needle sizes: 30G, Length of needle: 25mm Length of thread: 30mm Size of thread: 6-0USP Needle type: sharp tip Material of thread: polydioxanone.



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