29G / 38mm MONO Thread with needle




This is a new bio-restructuring thread with lifting effect which is based on the position of a thin strand of the suture material that is called Polydioxanone. It creates a network with the dual action to stimulate the production of a collage type 1 bio-restorative effect on the skin. Such threads are used for injecting fillers to plump skin. They can be used for body contouring, lip contouring and tightening as well.

People entering into the modern and revolutionized world have been demanding many things which can bring them rejuvenated look. As to many or in precise, as to all beauty is the major lookout. Everyone wants to have the flawless skin to give them the advantage of appearing fresh and stunning. PDO Threads are among all those solutions which are present in the market satisfying the needs of the customers. These PDO Threads comes in different types and as per the skin type and demand of the people, they are being inserted in the skin to bring smoothness in the skin and helps in getting rid of wrinkles.

Mono Threads are among one of the types of PDO Threads which has been satisfying the patients who are no more into opting for surgeries or injections to uplift the fine lines and wrinkles which appears due to ageing. This is one of the signs which people want to opt for and bring positive results.

They are single PDO filament which is quite smooth and without barbs. This is the major attraction of the treatment as it is minimally invasive.  The blunt tips make sure that less painful and more effective results should be produced. It is been observed that the mono threads are inserted into the skin in a mesh-like pattern which is the reason letting the uplifting and tightness comes in naturally.

These threads are all laced with collagen which when once enter into the skin creates wonder. The activation of the collagen synthesis gives the tightening effects and along with it skin gets rejuvenated which is the main purpose of going through this process. The Mono Threads not exactly lift the skin in original state but provides the tightening which vanishes due to the dissolving of the fat layer under the skin.

The sagging skin is something which no one appreciates and immediately wants to take care of. The treatment is one of the most looked up to and opted technique which provides the desired results which every beauty lover expects to have. According to many surveys, it is noted that the treatment involves around 10 to 30 mono threads for every individual treatment of a particular area.

Areas treated by Mono Threads:

The threads help in improving the smoothness of sagging cheeks, lower jaw, neck, décolletage, tummy bingo wings and uplift of eyebrows.

Size of the thread:

Usually, the length of the filament is 30mm, the needle size used is 31G 30mm and USP is 7-0

Last for:

The results of the treatment are made visible after approx. six weeks and this result lasts up to two years which is quite a long time.

Postoperative care:

Swelling and bruising can appear after the procedure which can be prevented with the help of ice pack. Touching and tapping the areas which have undergone the treatment for at least a week is restricted.

Mono Threads usage is among those processes which are nonsurgical and fastest growing procedure where taking care of the ageing effects is concerned.


  • Scaffolding
  • Sharp Tip needle
  • Collagen stimulation
  • Face shape strengthening



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