Data Security Statement

We always value your privacy and data security that is why we use 3rd party and most securest payment gateways like PayZen to ensure secure payments and customers’ security. Our server is secured by Positive SSL to ensure that our data stays secure from hackers. We do our best to always put extra layers of security to our system to maintain more secured and improved e-store system.

User Data Management

Our user data management is very secure. We have hosted our servers on one of world’s most securest data centers, all our data accessing agents are been secured by highest security standards of the modern time and only our most reliable staff can visit ¬†it. Users data can only be seen by payment department and for further safety we also allow users to buy products without registering. That means you can just add products to the cart and go to checkout page to buy instantly from your credit card.

Payment Information

Your payment details are most crucial part of your data. Your debit/credit card details should be hidden and must be secured. To make sure that you payment details are in safe hands, we use PayZen as your primary payment processor which is one of the world’s most securest payment¬†gateways known worldwide.